Has your Spanish bank notified you they are going to disclose information about you to the Spanish Tax Office?

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, January, 30. 2018

By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers
30th of January 2018


In my article from last December 2017, Non-Resident Income Tax, I wrote on the consequences for non-residents on what is known as the Common Reporting Standard or CRS, for short.

Spain signed in 2014 a treaty, along with over 100 other countries, for cross-border tax co-operation to combat tax evasion. As from 2018, the Spanish Tax Authority (AEAT) will automatically receive a great deal of fiscal information from non-resident owners, including UK and Irish nationals. And by the same token, the Spanish Tax Office will be collating a great deal of fiscal information on you from Spanish banks, and other sources, and sending it back to all those countries that signed the CRS treaty.

One of the (most visible) results of this budding cooperation between tax offices is the letter or e-mail you will have received in January 2018 from your Spanish bank/s informing you they are going to pass along a great deal of fiscal information on you to the Spanish Tax Office, which in turn will relay it over to your home country’s tax office. Sample email from Spanish bank requesting tax information.

Both countries, going forward, will now be busy cross-checking your fiscal declarations and tax residency to catch you out in case you have not been declaring and paying your taxes in your country of tax residence as well as in Spain.

If you are tax resident in Spain, even unbeknownst to yourself, and you have failed to declare your income you may be facing fines for tax model 720 follow a sliding scale. Any ‘incongruity’ is fined starting at €10,000 and any data ‘omitted’ is fined starting at €5,000. Fines can lead up to a staggering 120% of the undeclared amounts you hold abroad on being resident in Spain. The afore does not preclude the fines for Income Tax which additionally can be up to 150%.

Bottom line, for your own sake, if you own assets or derive any income in Spain, get your taxes sorted out pronto because it is a ticking time bomb and time is running against you. Speak to us to sort out your tax matters and become fully tax compliant. We can help you sort out your tax affairs regularising them for a nominal fee for your peace of mind. We only charge for our legal services; a pain-free stomach is gratis


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