Squatters in Spain: Spanish Government slams its fist on the table, and vows to clamp down (with jail terms!) on all individuals that… evict squatters!

Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt, May, 21. 2023

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You really couldn’t make it up.

Yep, you read it right. Spain’s Communist Government has brought forward a new draft law with proposed jail terms for all those individuals and companies that abet evicting squatters. These companies have proved invaluable recovering the possession of thousands of properties for their aggrieved owners.

The proposed jail terms are up to 4 years. You would think the Spanish Government is going out of its way to protect owners and private property to instil confidence in a besieged property market, right? Wrong! If anything, Spain’s Communist Government is hell bent on pursuing all those individuals and companies which are assisting aggrieved property owners to recover the possession of their squatted properties.

It is very clear on whose side the government is on.

But if you have been following our articles and blog posts, it should come as no surprise. You would think that if the housing problem is so great (which in fact it is) they would be bending over backward building thousands of new public subsidized dwellings at affordable prices, right? Nope, not the case. Spain’s Government has been in power for almost 6 years now, and in this time they have built ZERO social housing, nada.

Spain’s Communist Government is basically carrying out a social housing policy using other people’s private property. It’s always a lofty goal to assist those who cannot afford houses, but this should never come at the expense of other people’s private property.

The effect of this new proposed bill, once approved, is that it will massively encourage squatters to occupy other people’s private property, specifically second homes. If to this, we add the pernicious effects of the new Housing Act (which also greatly protects squatters rights, pushing back evictions for years) you have a recipe for disaster. These type of measures scare away investors and second home owners.

If anyone still naively thinks that squatters are poor young people, you are sorely mistaken. Today’s squatters are modern, well-organised mafias that squat building and homes professionally. They then ‘re-sell’ the possession ‘right’ to other people (for around €1,500) who then live at the occupied properties (normally for many years). Someone is making a lot of money out of this ‘squatting industry’.

Needless to say, the proposed new law will prove hugely counterproductive and detrimental in the fight against squatters; a movement which is gathering pace, increasing by two digits year on year abetted by Spain’s Communist Government.

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