Squatters in Spain: when a Telepizza ticket is more valuable than a Title Deed!

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, May, 2. 2023

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It’s no secret the Spanish social-communist government goes out of its way to protect the rights of squatters, and then some more.

In the latest entry of this budding war between squatters and property owners, the police are now accepting fast-food delivery tickets as proof of ‘ownership’! Let us explain this madness.

In Spain, owners are protected within the next 48 hours of squatters breaking into the property. If within those 48 hours the owner reports the incident, the police may kick out the squatters. Well, so goes the theory anyway. The devil is in the details.

What is now happening is that industrious squatters are ordering pizzas to the house they want to squat, but just outside the property as if they had popped out for a minute to collect the order. The fast-food ticket has the property address and the delivery date. The squatters then wait it out for the next 48 hours before breaking into the property. Basically what they are doing is pre-constituting legal evidence that they actually live at the place - madness!

Once the police are called in and arrive at the crime scene, the squatters are quick to pull out a fast-food delivery ticket (i.e. telepizza) from a couple of days before, or more, to justify they have been occupying the property “for over 48 hours” (the truth is that they broke into the property half an hour ago). The police are no longer allowed by law to vacate them by force and the owner is forced to instigate a winded procedure at the law courts to recover possession, which could take well over a year. However, with the newly approved Housing bill from last week (pro-squatter), it could now take years.

The way to avoid these shenanigans, is to follow my advice and hire a house alarm, as detailed in my blog post: Squatters: Why you need a house alarm

This should come as no surprise really, as Podemos, the pro-Russian, hard-left (read communist) junior partner of the socialist government was a political party that was founded by communists to defend and uphold the rights of… squatters. Communists doing communists things, move along.

It is confirmed, the lunatics have (finally) taken over the asylum under the sun.

You really couldn’t make it up.

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