Brexit and Spanish Residency

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, September, 21. 2018

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers
21st of September 2018


I had already analysed the financial consequences of Brexit for expats, from a Spanish perspective, in a previous blog post from last February (Brexit and You).

In today´s post, I want to focus on the movement of people crossboarders, between Spain and the United Kingdom in a post-Brexit world.

Unless the European Union and the United Kingdom reach a last minute understanding, British nationals are going to see their movements restricted on coming over to Spain.

Concretely, on breaking away from the EU, British nationals may no longer stay in Spanish territory indefinitely unlike until now. They will be treated much like other nationals outwith the EU. Meaning British may only stay in Spain for a period not exceeding 90 days within every rolling six-month period. In plain English, if you spend more than 3 consecutive months in Spanish territorry, Spanish law demands you attain Spanish residency. If you are caught residing in Spain without permission post-Brexit, you will be regarded as an illegal alien, detained and deported back to your country of origin.

In order to avoid you and your family unpleasant scenarios, I strongly advise the British community residing in Spain to pre-empt this by applying for Spanish residency now. Currently, Spanish are welcoming with open arms all British applications to reside within their territory. The requirements after the 29th of March may change, so it is advised you act now.

I write this because I know for a fact, after 16 years of practice serving the expat community, that very few British actually bother to register in Spain for a myriad of reasons (chiefly taxation issues). I had already written an article early on this year trying to dispel the false notion that becoming (tax) resident in Spain was all bad news from a fiscal point of view: Tax advantages on becoming resident in Spain. On the contrary, becoming tax resident in Spain offers multiple tax breaks and incentives as highlighted in my tax article. Seek tax advice from us on your own personal situation.

Bottom line, when you walk away from this blog post it must be clear to you that if you plan to be resident in Spain as from April 2019, or you already are, you must apply for Spanish residency before the Spanish Authorities. You will no longer be able to fly under the radar ducking your head in the hope of not getting caught – won’t happen. For your own sake, be practical and apply for Spanish residency now.

Our law firm can assist you attain a Spanish residency permit, ask our friendly staff.

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