Spanish residency (only Costa del Sol)


Post-Brexit, all expats that spend over 3 consecutive months in Spanish territory must apply for residencia. If you remain in Spain after 3 months, without attaining residency, you will be regarded as an illegal alien and may even be subject to deportation to your home country. Additionally, all expats who are not registered will be stripped of a series of EU rights and entitlements. For your own good, please make sure you apply for it.


(EDIT 2019) Due to gnawing Brexit issues, the procedure has become convoluted, with added layers of admin hoops and hurdles that keep changing all the time adding to the red tape. Be advised the procedure doesn't work by the book and there is a myriad of local variations and discrepancies depending on where you apply. Which is why we strongly recommend you hire an experienced company like us to handle it. Our Spanish residency experts, who work on the ground, will handhold you from start to finish.


Attaining Spanish residency indirectly implies you will become Spanish tax resident. This service is only available to EU-residents.


Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers offers you a comprehensive service to attain Spanish residency (Costa del Sol only).


Legal fees: €295/applicant*

* In the rare event your application is turned down, refunds do not apply.


We will be very pleased to discuss your matter with you. You can contact us by e-mail at, by telephone on (+34) 952 19 22 88 or by completing our contact form to book an appointment.


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