Will Service


On owning assets in Spain it is strongly recommended you make a Spanish will. A Spanish will only cover your Spanish assets leaving aside any foreign will.


Recent European legislation (Brussels IV) has made some old Spanish wills invalid. In such cases it is highly recommended a lawyer drafts a new will. More details in my article: Spanish Wills and Probate Law in light of European Regulation 650/2012 – 8th January 2015


Making a Spanish will for a non-resident has the following seven advantages:


  • A Spanish will is exclusive to your assets located in Spain (it does not affect any other assets or wills in your home country).
  • Drawing up a Spanish will may help your heirs mitigate their tax bill (avoiding attracting penalties for late payment).
  • Drawing up a Spanish will save your heirs both money and hassle at a time of bereavement.
  • Spanish wills are stored safely at no extra charge.
  • Spanish wills drawn up before a Notary Public (Open wills) add security.
  • The content of a Spanish will is governed by your own national laws. Bequeath your assets to whomever you please avoiding pesky Spanish forced heirship rules.
  • Spanish wills can be worded in English, for your peace of mind.


What this service includes:


  • Drafting a Spanish will in double barrel, English-Spanish.
  • Free translation service.


Legal fees: From €150 (plus VAT). *


* Our legal fees do not include Notary fees which are ca €45.

** Does not include assistance at Notary Public, additional fees apply.


We will be very pleased to discuss your matter with you. Please contact us for a free initial consultation. You can contact us by e-mail at info@larrainnesbittabogados.com, by telephone on 951 894 675 or by completing our contact form.


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