"I have sought advice from Raymundo on several occasions with Spanish-related legal work. His extensive Spanish legal knowledge (especially relating to property), excellent technical legal skills, good value, punctual response to questions, fluent English and ability to explain Spanish law in a clear and concise way to non-Spaniards are just some of the reasons why I always seek advice from him when I have a Spanish legal matter. Raymundo also writes well-written, insightful articles in English on a whole range of topical Spanish legal issues. If you require reliable, cost-effective Spanish legal advice, I would recommend you get in touch with Raymundo."

Neil Morrison, Solicitor Advocate at Vestas. 2009

"In 2009 Raymond Nesbitt handled a property conveyance for me. He was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and available at all times and in all aspects of the conveyance. At one point a question mark over an outstanding action by the community of owners against the property developer arose. Raymond's advice in respect of the issue blended both legal and practical advice and was valuable in making a risk assessment on the purchase."

Tim Gibson, Director www.quidco.com. 2009

"Having had very poor advice during our purchase and finding ourselves in real difficulty Raymond Nesbitt was recommended to us. We were immediately impressed with his understanding of our legal position and his excellent command of English which meant that he was able to explain to us clearly what his recommendations were. He also translated documents and deeds for us giving us a clear understanding of what we were signing. Raymond helped us make some tough decisions in the confident knowledge that we could trust his legal knowledge and advise and that he was acting in our best interests."

Shona Brown, Solicitor. 2010

"As a Notary in England I often work closely with foreign lawyers. Raymundo and his colleagues have provided expert and prompt assistance in respect of Spanish Property matters whenever I have contacted them. My clients have been very pleased."

Christopher Atkinson. Solicitor & Notary Public. February 2013

"I have found your service to be very efficiently operated, quick and professional. I will certainly retain your details should I or any of my fellow colleagues have need for your services in the future."

Sonia Bachu, Legal Director Shakespeare Martineau (2017) www.shma.co.uk

"Thank you for your prompt reply and help with Seasonal Holiday Lettings. All matters have been very efficiently dealt with. Many thanks"

Georgina MacLean, United Kingdom. 2017.

" This was my first time using Raymundo to prepare the various tax documents that need filing. In the past I used a large law firm. They were fine but every time I contacted them I was referred to yet another lawyer at yet another office. With Raymundo it was a one on one. I appreciated his professionalism and I received immediate telephone or email responses. He now has all my information and will keep me informed when things need to be filed and paid."

Joseph Goodman, United States of America. 2017.

"I discovered Larrain Nesbitt Lawyers through reading a number of Raymundo's excellent articles on a range of tax topics in Spain. I had been struggling to find good English-speaking professional services in Spain so was especially pleased to find such a friendly, clear and efficient service from LNL. I was provided with clear guidance and a spreadsheet regarding the data I needed to gather for my tax return and LNL did the rest, bringing my tax bill down 38% in the process. But, most valuable for me, I had many questions that were all answered very well; I couldn't have asked for more."

Spencer Mildon, United Kingdom. 2018.

"First I would like to thank you for your quick and excellent legal advice. I have been following your contributing articles on Spanish Property Insight, I always found them easy to follow (not all lawyers make legal issues simple to understand ) and very informative, When came the time that I needed a legal advice, I thought of you and send you my request. To my surprise the answer came back almost by return and was very clear and to the point. I did followed up with some more question and the same happened. I am glad that I have contacted you and I am grateful for your advice. "

James Hrabal, 2018

"Raymundo lavora in maniera impeccabile. La sua assistenza legale è sempre molto rapida e centrata sull’obiettivo. Pienamente soddisfatto del servizio. Grazie Larrain Nesbitt Abogados "

Andrea Bavila, Italy. 2018

"We are both very grateful for your sustained effort in finalising the house sale. Your timeless effort and amazing resourcefulness was inspiring. We wish your continued success. "

Susan and Derek Bulpit, United Kingdom. 2018

"I own three properties in Spain through two entities. I recently obtained my Residencia status and in the process realized that I would be well served by looking into the inheritance situation in Spain. After a web search I found Raymundo’s articles and began communicating with him --a wonderful experience! We arranged a telephone conference and in only 30 minutes I had the background information I needed and with my most immediate questions answered. I decided to have Raymundo draw up a will to be registered with the appropriate authorities in Madrid. After sending the necessary information I had a draft almost immediately for 1/10th the cost I had been quoted by another attorney. When I learned that, contrary to other’s experience, the Embassy in Washington DC would not notarize the will, Raymundo told me that he would arrange for it to happen the next time I was in Spain – at no additional charge. Now I have accomplished that and have met this very efficient, knowledgeable, and pleasant man. I cannot recommend him more highly. "

Michael B. Kane, United States of America. 2018

"M?s v?lamies teikt lielu paldies un bija patiess prieks sadarboties ar Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt. Raymundo ?tri, detaliz?ti un profesion?l? manier? sniedza nepieciešam?s atbildes uz visiem jaut?jumiem saist?b? ar m?su ?res l?gumu Sp?nij?. Ieg?t? inform?cija par ?rnieka - ?pašnieka ties?b?m un pien?kumiem, neapšaub?mi, ir rad?jusi droš?bas saj?tu un dod iesp?ju p?rliecinoši p?rst?v?t m?su poz?ciju turpm?kaj?s sarun?s arm?jok?a ?pašniekiem. "

E & S Upite, Latvia. March 2018

"I have used Raymond twice in the past 6 months for two separate tenancy contracts, I have been extremely pleased with his services. Constant communication has been a life saver with him informing me the ins and outs of the sometimes complicated Spanish legal system. I would highly recommend his services. "

Mr Cameron Hay, United Kingdom. March 2018

"Thank you very much for an excellent service. "

Mr Hjortur Haraldsson Blondal, Denmark. March 2018

"Having found a perfect long-term rental flat in Barcelona, I was presented with a rental contract by the owners that seemed to me to be quite non-standard. I speak Spanish fluently and have lived in Spain for many years and feel reasonably proficient in navigating here, but I was really set back after reading this contract. Searching the internet, I was happy to find a wealth of real estate related articles authored by Raymond and knew that he was just the right person to help guide me through the process of deciphering this contract. I contacted Raymond via email and received his initial response within fifteen minutes! Using email, I explained the basic terms of the rental and sent along the contract. He quickly advised me of his (very fair) fees for his services and I made payment to his account. Upon receiving the payment, Raymond immediately reviewed the contract and answered my queries in detail. He provided clear guidance, in excellent English, and I was able to plainly explain to my potential landlords where the contract deviated from standard practices. Raymond's help was invaluable and I would not hesitate to use his services again or to recommend him heartily to others. I should also point out that even though Raymond is located in the south of Spain, I am in Barcelona and he handled all of my concerns relating to this particular market perfectly. Thank you again, Raymond! "

Michael Srba, 2018

"I just wanted to say a quick thank-you for your service. The speed that you were able to produce a rental contract for us was exceptional. We are very grateful that you were able to help us through the entire process, even when we were confused ourselves! You may rest assured we will certainly use your company in the future. "

Dominic and Katy Myers, United Kingdom. April 2018

"Fantastic...this was great...I feel much more confident now... thanks so much for the quick help. "

Valerie Ishmael, United States of America. April 2018

"Many thanks for the explanation and for the savings on the tax payable"

Johannes van Staden, South Africa. April 2018

"We received excellent easy-to-understand service from Raymundo Nesbitt in drawing up our Spanish wills and seeing us through the process with the notary in Marbella."

Peter and Jackie Millar, April 2018

"We are very grateful for your expertise and attention to detail and we have appreciated all your speedy responses to all my queries over recent months. Many thanks for your hard work!"

Dr. David D. Lubel, United Kingdom. May 2018

"I recently employed Nesbitt-Larrain Abogados for the conveyancing of my new (old) Spanish property in Granada. Raymundo was really helpful throughout the process and generous with advice and signposting to a range of excellent, easy to understand articles to support my understanding. I found these articles really helpful throughout the process and they enabled me to get a better understanding of what’s required from me as a property owner in Spain. Raymundo was also efficient and supportive throughout and in addition, responded quickly to emails and calls. I have no reservations about the additional bonus of him being bi-lingual and having applied knowledge of both UK and Spanish legal and fiscal systems and I would not hesitate to highly recommend him and the services he provides."

Dr. E. Johnson, United Kingdom. May 2018

"Thank you so much for completing this, we really appreciate the thorough way you do business and this makes us feel at ease. We would certainly recommend you to potential customers."

Dennis and Trish Irvine, United Kingdom. May 2018

"I found Lorrain Nesbitt Abogados on-line via a web search and found there very informative short essays. I was looking to rent in Madrid, so engaged them to help me review the contract before signing. Reymundo personally dealt with me, he was super fast and very knowledgeable in answering my questions and reviewed the contract the same day, thus helping me secure my rental property with minimal fuss. I will certainly use their services again as I am hoping to purchase in the coming year. Thank you Reymundo."

Malcolm Barnes, June 2018

"You can read all you like on the Internet, but I was left with more questions and a heap of indefinite and possibly outdated answers. We needed clarity on some issues regarding a lease agreement and we needed the information to be current. Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt was able to field these questions with precision and speed, thanks to which we were able to make necessary decisions with confidence."

Mr Philippe Etienne Marie Lavopierre, South Africa. June 2018

"As a former digital nomad of 5 years, who moved 6 times before attaining residency in Spain, I was overjoyed to finally sign a long term lease with a landlord who assured me she had no intention of moving back into her house, that I could stay as many years as I desired. When I was suddenly informed that my landlord intended to sell her house 7 months into my long term lease, I Googled my rental rights and came across Raymond Larrain Nesbitt’s well-written articles on Spanish renters rights and common illegal rental clauses. As an SEO, I not only greatly appreciated his use of content to attract clientele, in a world of bungling Spanish lawyers Raymond’s service was reassuringly prompt, thorough and clear. A massive amount of stress and anxiety has been lifted knowing my rights, negotiating position, and that, with Lauren Nesbitt Abogados on my side, I have the right to remain without rental price hikes for at least 3 years."

Lorna Li, United States of America. July 2018

"I found the tax obligations on our holiday rental confusing to say the least so contacted Larrain Nesbitt. Raymond was helpful, with clear advice, very responsive, patient with my questions and certainly delivered on their tax saving promise."

Paul & Sue Chapman, United Kingdom. August 2018

"We worked with Raymundo to sell out apartment in Alhaurin Golf. I can highly recommend Raymundo who is one of the most proactive lawyers I have ever come across. He kept us informed throughout the entire process, worked through challenges and was at all times very professional. Thanks to his professionalism, and with the holiday season on the way, we sold the apartment within a record six weeks. We will continue to use Raymundo for our taxes, wills and strongly recommend for all legal matters."

Elizabeth Goodman, United Kingdom. September 2018

"Raymundo has given a quick and straightforward help to avoid the most common pitfalls when moving to Spain. He is easy to work with and efficient."

Janne Hainari, Finland. September 2018

"We have used RL Nesbitt services for the first time, to register our Q3 2018 tax return for holiday rental income. Raymundo has always been super responsive to all our questions and provided excellent informative advice. We are very happy with his services and recommend him unreservedly."

Mr Lloyd Daniels, United Kingdom. October 2018

"Like many, I came across Raymundo through his excellent articles in Spanish Property Insights. He was the natural choice to prepare my Spanish Will which he did with commendable efficiency and speed. Since then, he has freely, and without delay, given his advice on a number of legal issues for which I am both grateful and reassured - the Spanish legal system can seem daunting but he makes it all clear and understandable. I will definitely be using his accounting and taxation services for holiday lettings and would not hesitate to recommend him."

Mr Mike E. Tucker, United Kingdom. October 2018

"Thank you Lorraine Nesbitt Abogados for your straight forward pricing and your thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the laws concerning short term, long term and seasonal lets. Your professionalism and timeliness made the process very easy to maneuver for us all the way from the US. We will not hesitate to recommend your firm or to contact you again in the future. "

Y.M. Lee Tartre, United States of America. October 2018

"Dear Raymund, Many thanks for the wonderful service you have provided me with. Kind Regards, Mike McKenzie. "

Michael McKenzie, Baron of Duddingston, United Kingdom. November 2018

" I used Larrain Nesbit for the first time this year to pay my annual NRIIT. In comparison with the previous company I have used for the last few years, the service I received from Raymond was super efficient and super fast! Will definitely use again."

Mrs M. McAulay, United Kingdom. November 2018

"Thank you for the swift completion and more than happy with the service. "

Mr Stuart Bowers, United Kingdom. November 2018

"We found Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt through reading his informative and well written articles in the 'Spanish Property Insight' blog that we've been subscribing to for many years. The service we received from Larraín Nesbitt Abogados was excellent - highly professional in every way and very efficient. The contract they produced for us was professionally executed and the service was speedy and reliable. We had a tight time deadline and they didn't let us down. They responded promptly to all of our emails and a timeline was always given to let us know when things would be ready - this was really helpful and reassuring. Thank you Raymundo, we hope to use you again in the future. "

Amanda Gemmel-Smith, United Kingdom. December 2018

"I would be more than happy to recommend Larraín Nesbitt Abogados. Raymond was helpful, and his instructions/advice were very clear. The work was carried out quickly and thoroughly."

Mrs. Helen Hartstein, Republic of Ireland. December 2018

"I would recommend this company to anybody that has a need to pay tax in Spain. They have an excellent website and are extremely helpful in answering any queries you may have, and best of all, their charges are extremely reasonable."

Mr David P. Hurley, United Kingdom. December 2018

"Being very satisfied with efficient service in filing and paying imputed income taxes over a number of years on Spanish property with four joint owners."

Mr. Michael Watson, United Kingdom. January 2019

"The service provided by Raymundo in helping us file our Spanish Holiday rental tax returns was excellent. We were new to Spanish tax issues and Raymondo guided us through it with expertise, brilliant efficiency and most importantly in simple English! Thank you for your help."

Mike & Sue Bond, United Kingdom. January 2019

"After much searching on the internet to try to understand the Spanish taxation for non residents with a holiday rental I decided to contact Raymundo at LNL. The Marbella based lawyers that we had used for other services in the past were extremely poor at responding to emails so I didn't hold up much hope for anything different. To my surprise Raymundo was extremely responsive and very clear in his explanations. It is a relief to find a company that provides such a quick and efficient service. We will definitely be using them for all our future property needs."

Martina A. Stevenson, United Kingdom. January 2019

"A big thank you for your help with our Spanish Taxes. You have saved us a lot of time, effort and have saved us money. We highly recommend your service. Thank you."

Karen & Andrew Woolfe, United Kingdom. February 2019

"The process of registering through Raymond for assessment and payment of Spanish tax on our holiday rental property could not have been simpler. Raymond is bi-lingual and is extremely helpful and informative. "

Mr. Jolyon Potter, United Kingdom. February 2019

"We are grateful for your expert advice and the excellent manner in which you managed our affairs. The work was completed expeditiously, the cost well within our budget giving us all round satisfaction. Please regard us as future customers should the need arise."

Mr Harold Victor Petty Jr, United Kingdom. February 2019

"We have no hesitation in recommending Raymond of Larrain Nesbitt for arranging your tax affairs for you. He is very knowledgeable about Spanish tax law, friendly and a great quick communicator as his written and spoken English is excellent."

David and Pauline Flynn, Merseyside, United Kingdom. March 2019

"My dealings with Raymundo Larrian Nesbitt made, what could have been a been a complex and intimidating process, extremely straight forward and stress free. His explanation of an unfamiliar tax system could not have been clearer, and his patience with my numerous questions was endless. I would, without hesitation, recommend Larrian Nesbitt Abogados in assisting with navigating the Spanish tax system. I was also reassured that they are on a HMRC list of approved Spanish legal firms."

Mr Richard Krzyzak, United Kingdom. March 2019

"Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers provided an outstanding service in connection with establishment of my Spanish will. All legal clarifications were handled swiftly and the document was delivered as agreed. Great value for money without comprimising on quality. "

Mr Baard Martin Olsen, Norway. March 2019

"Thank you Raymond. Excellent service and a very quick turn around after I first contacted you. Regards, Tony Robinson"

Anthony W. Robinson, London, United Kingdom. March 2019

"Thank you for your help with our recent tenancy agreement questions. The issues at hand were well clarified by your forthright and very understandable opinion. Money well spent without question. And the key elements spelt out so categorically made it easy to contest the illegal agreement which we had signed with the real estate agency."

Jane Webb, New Zealand. March 2019

"I saw this company advertised on Spanish Property Insight and thought I would give them a go as I was fed up with the increasing cost of getting my NRIIT returns done each year. Well, all I can say is 10 out of 10, excellent! They were very helpful, efficient, quick and their fee is very, very fair. I will certainly be using them again."

Janet Harris, United Kingdom. March 2019

"I can assure you that my weekend was much better than it would have been without your work!"

Michael Tucker, United Kingdom. April 2019

"My wife and I were very impressed with the excellent service that we personally received from Raymondo. Our queries were answered quickly and concisely and with a perfect command of the English language. It was a great help that there was no need to communicate in Spanish. We quickly gained the impression that Raymondo was a person who genuinely enjoyed imparting knowledge as part of his vocation. We offer our sincere thanks for his invaluable advice in this instance."

Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Lucas, United Kingdom. April 2019

"Raymond helped my wife and I with an urgent requirement to file and pay our non-resident property taxes (and avoid harsh penalties) in response to a tax summons we received from the tax department. We hadn’t used Raymond before, but emailed him having read some of his articles on the Spanish Property Insight website. Raymond provided a very responsive service, with the costs for his services advised upfront and clear explanations and instructions provided in excellent English throughout the process. Thank you so much Raymond!"

Richard B, United Kingdom, April 2019

"I am very relieved to have found Reymundo to handle my the taxation on my holiday letting. He gives personal service and answers all my questions promptly. I can highly recommend his company to anyone who needs assistance with the Spanish tax - or legal system."

Unni Claussen, Norway. May 2019

"My husband and I were very impressed with Raymundo’s knowledge and professionalism the first time we met him. Subsequently his company helped us with our tax regarding Seasonal Holiday Lettings. The efficiency and speed with which they made sure everything went smoothly made the whole process easy for us. Their very reasonable and fair fees were welcomed, too We have already recommended them to a few of our friends in the same situation and will certainly continue using their services. "

V.S., United Kingdom. May 2019

"I used Raymondo to draft a " SEASONAL LET" contract for me for renting out my apartment. He gave sound advice, and responded promptly to my questions, and produced the draft contract in quick time. I certain will use him again and would recommend him to anyone, David Scott, Mijas."

David Scott, United Kingdom. May 2019

"Thank you Raymond!! I really appreciate your assistance with this. If I have any other needs during the inheritance procedure I will certainly contact you."

Nicolas M. de Valera, California, United States of America. June 2019

"We have owned property in Spain for more than 17 years and worked with various lawyers on a number of different projects but none of them have given us the confidence and speedy assistance that Raymundo gives time after time. With the laws in Spain so complicated, especially in regard to holiday lettings, it is so important to completely understand what is required and have confidence in the advice that you are receiving; Raymundo gives this in bucket loads. We wish we had found him before!"

Joanna E. Weaver and Jan Grozdanovic, Czech Republic. June 2019

"We have used a couple of accountants to submit our Spanish tax returns, which are far too complex for us to deal with ourselves. We found Raymundo very efficient, he dealt with matters very quickly and was clear in his explanations. Hopefully he will continue to deal with our tax affairs in the future. We would not hesitate to recommend him."

David and Ann Warnes, Spain. June 2019

"Thank you for getting this all through for me. I am very grateful and surprised at the ease of it all."

Mark Fung, United Kingdom. June 2019

"Are you an English speaker who struggles through some of the legal aspects of life in Spain? Save yourself worry, bother, and anxiety by engaging the services of Raymundo Nesbitt and his associates. We have used his offices twice, both with excellent results. In our first encounter he reviewed an apartment lease for us, and gave us confidence to sign and pay 4500 € in deposits. Our most recent need for assistance involved the sale of our car as we were leaving the country. We had not achieved resident status, but Raymundo's interaction with the dealer and alternative identity documents allowed the transaction to go forward. We can highly and unreservedly recommend Raymundo Nesbitt and his team to sort out your legal situation, whatever it is. Valerie Ishmael and Gerald McDearmon Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, formerly of San Sebastian, Espana"

Gerald McDearmon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America. June 2019

"If anyone is looking for a solicitor in Spain, I would like to highly recommend Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt. My elderly mother recently sold her property in Malaga and unfortunately her tenants were not very cooperative people. However with Raymundo’s hard work, professionalism and knowledge of the law in Spain the sale of the property was dealt with the minimum of fuss and Raymundo kept us informed every step of the way. His fees were very reasonable. What could have been a terrible situation for my mother turned out to be an excellent outcome for her and this was only possible thanks to Raymundo. I do not normally write reviews but I felt I had to on this occasion. Thanks Raymundo and all the best for the future. Regards Tony Hunt."

Tony Hunt, United Kingdom. June 2019

"I am an Owner in Marbella. I made a huge mistake and signed a very bad contract with a real estate company which I thought it is trustworthy and a friend! I found out later that they were cheating me from day one.I have contacted Mr. Raymundo and he has supported me excellently on this matter. Without his excellent advises and support I would be completely lost with this issues, specially because I don’t even live in Spain and am not familiar with the law and am not here to follow up and will cost me a lot to travel to Spain for this issue. My advice to every owner is if you want to sign a contract with anyone, regarding your prop-erty, please contact Mr. Raymundo and let him check the contract for you. It will save a lot of hassle, headache, sleepless nights and money and it is worth every penny of it specially if you are living abroad. Having a hassle like this, can cost you easily thousands of Euros and a lot of headache” S, Ehsan (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). "

S, Ehsan Dubai, United Arab Emirates. July 2019.

"Raymundo, and his legal team recently helped my wife, and I with our Spanish tax returns for non-residents. Raymundo’s customer service is excellent. He is the complete professional. His attention to detail is outstanding, and his step-by-step communications are invaluable to non-Spanish speaking clients like myself. Quite simply, it’s the best legal service I have ever received both in Spain, and in the UK."

Paul and Patricia Sloan, United Kingdom. July 2019

"Thank you for your quick and efficient dealing with regards to completing our quarterly tax returns since early 2018). I am very saisfied with your accounting service and clear communication. Most appreciated!"

George de Graag, South Africa, July 2019.

"Thanks excellent! And thanks for your extra efforts and the great communication! "

Ingo Fuchs, Germany. July 2019

"We use Raymundo to oversee our non-resident tax affairs (holiday rentals) in Spain. His expertise, prompt service and personal engagement with our affairs are invaluable. Happy to recommend his services to anyone else in our position. - CH, United Kingdom, 2019"

CH, United Kingdom. July 2019.

"With clear, concise instructions; prompt timeframes & unhesitating clarification of any queries, Raymundo made the task of obtaining a NIE less daunting. Much appreciated. Kind Regards C.M.D. 2019"

C.M.D., Australia. July 2019

"Vi är mycket nöjda med den service och de snabba professionella svar vi alltid får. Kan varmt rekommendera deras tjänster."

Robert N, Sweden. August 2019.

"Raymundo is a highly efficient and knowledgeable lawyer. He has helped us with all our property and tax queries since last year and we cannot recommend him enough. We have gone to so many lawyers in the past eight years and we are so glad to have who found someone who we can consistently rely on."

Melani and Daniel Thompson, Singapore. August 2019

"To whom it may concern, I have found Raymundo at Larraín Nesbitt Abogados to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient when submitting my tax return in Spain. Regards, Steve Church."

Stephen D. Church, Adelaide, S. Australia. September 2019

"I engaged Raymundo of Larrian Nesbitt Lawyers to sort out my payment of tax arising from Airbnb income in Spain. My property is in Castilla La Mancha, however, it was easy to sort out everything by email. Before engaging, I had no idea what was needed, and Raymundo explained what was required and the whole process could not be simpler. I will be using Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers from now onwards."

Brian Richards, United Kingdom. September 2019

"I don’t think I have ever had such an efficient service!"

Sarah O'Neill, United Kingdom. September 2019

"Raymundo knows the law well and better than many others involved in the selling process. He is extremely diligent and good to have on your side. Jeremy Sandle UK"

E. Jeremy Sandle, Ireland. September 2019

"You have been very very helpful, you put our minds at ease. It gave us the clarity of the whole picture and a plan of action if needed. We will certainly call upon you should we need anything else. And if we do decide to do any other real estate /leases in Spain you will be my first point of contact! "

Alysia Anderson, United States of America. October 2019

"I was recommended Raymundo for help with a seasonal contract. After I provided all the details the contract was delivered for review after just a couple of days. He made any adjustment I required and helped me with answers for all my concerns. I can definitely recommend his services!"

M.S.E., Sweden. October 2019

"Many thanks again for the fantastic speedy service :)"

M. M., United Kingdom. October 2019

"I have been extremely happy with the support and service Raymond and his company has provided with regards to my touristic let in Mallorca. I was in a panic with only a few days to go to meet the deadline to file Q2 tax form in Spain for the first time – and he sorted it within hours. I recommend Raymond and his company to all overseas people with touristic lets in Mallorca/Spain"

Ann Mette Kjaerby, United Kingdom. October 2019

"Thanks for savings us a lot of tax money, great service, mucho appreciated."

Paul & Melanie Smith, United Kingdom. October 2019

"Your advice has been invaluable to me ... I will certainly make use of your services when the time arrives for a future sale. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work"

Len Dutilleux, South Africa. October 2019

"Myself and my wife were extremely happy with the service we received. Nothing was too much trouble and the level of communication and service was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommend the services of Larraín Nesbitt Abogados"

Andrew and Carrie Starr, Scotland, United Kingdom. October 2019