Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt


Raymundo has been practicing law since 2003. After completing his dual degree in Madrid (ICADE), he went on to work for prestigious Spanish and English law firms in Spain. He also has international experience, having worked for several years in the United Kingdom for a British multinational.

Using the extensive knowledge and experience gained, he set up his own practice in Marbella. He advises mainly UK and non-UK domiciled clients. His main areas of expertise are conveyancing and non-resident taxation.

Raymundo is also a prolific writer of technical articles in English (legal & finance), having published well over 170. His articles are widely used by the real estate community. He is a long-standing contributor to some of the industry’s most respected and influential real estate think tanks, such as Barcelona-based Spanish Property Insight (run by Mark Stucklin). He has also made several media appearances throughout the years and is regularly quoted by the international press as a reliable source in his field of expertise (The Sunday Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, WSJ etc.).


  • Member of the Malaga Bar Association since 2004. Registration number: 6.072


  • Degree in Law, E-3 ICADE (Madrid).
  • Degree in Business Management, E-3 ICADE (Madrid).
  • LL.M. Master of Laws (UMA).


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

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Miguel Ángel Vázquez-González

Miguel Ángel is a lawyer and economist specialized in national and international finance and corporate tax, heading this team in Málaga. He has been practicing his vocation and profession since 2012.

While reading at university his dual degree in Business Management and Law, he worked for important tax and wealth management consultancies which allowed him to apply and transform the knowledge he acquired into invaluable experience. Miguel Ángel was awarded an internship at the Council of Valencia, serving at Valencia´s Town Hall.

His professional background as a trained Economist, allows him to advise our clients in various practice areas, such as Tax Planning, Wealth Management, resident and non-resident taxation; as well as Succession of family businesses.

He is a staunch believer of the need to seek thorough assessment prior to the emergence of any legal problem, allowing our clients to choose the option which best adapts to their own needs and interests.


  • Member of the Malaga Bar Association. Registration number: 8.421
  • Member of Malaga´s Economists Association. Registration number: 4.635


  • Degree in Law, University of Valencia.
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management, University of Valencia.
  • Master´s Degree in Law, University of Málaga.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Valencian / Catalan