NIE Number (Tax Identification Number)


A NIE number, which is a Tax Identification Number for foreigners, enables you to file and pay taxes into the Spanish Tax Office. 


NIE numbers take 2 weeks to attain, on average.


It will be required, for example, by all the following:


  • Buying or selling property.
  • Inheriting assets in Spain.
  • Importing/buying/selling a car.
  • Importing/buying/selling a boat.
  • Taking out insurance.
  • Working in Spain (only short-term jobs <3 months).
  • Obtaining a mortgage.
  • Paying import tariffs on importing goods to Spain at customs (aduanas) in airports.
  • Some private foreign schools require a NIE number from parents and/or new (foreign) pupils to enrol them!


Basically any activity involving paying taxes requires a NIE number. You cannot complete on a property in Spain without one, either on buying or selling, as the Notary will disallow it.


We can provide this service without you having to come over to Spain personally by means of a Power of Attorney specific for this purpose. This system allows clients to save thousands of euros as they do not need to come personally to Spain. This will save you having to take days off, book flights to Spain, book hotel accomodation, hire transport from airport, make queues for hours on end at a Spanish Police Station etc.


Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers offers you a comprehensive service (Costa del Sol and Malaga only).


NIE procedure explained in other languages:










Legal fee: 160*


*Our fees do not include admin fees, or mailing a NIE certificate. In the rare event your application is turned down, refunds do not apply. VAT not inclusive


We do NOT answer questions over the phone on NIE Numbers. You can contact us by e-mail at, or by completing our contact form to book an appointment.


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