Bogus Spanish Law Firms

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, March, 13. 2009

Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms

Foreigners should be well-advised that there are many scammers trying to pass themselves off as legitimate Spanish law firms and lawyers. They prey exclusively on foreigners and are in fact not Spanish themselves. They are mostly Nigerian (lately there's a surge of British and Irish citizens involved too). It is calculated there are over 300,000 Nigerians worldwide scamming people. The golden rule is they never scam nationals of the country in which they live in. So Nigerians located in Spain (Madrid, Málaga and Granada) scam everyone except Spanish themselves. Nigerians are among the best educated elite in Africa and their command of English is often superb.

Spanish lawyers belong to one of the Bar Associations throughout Spain. There are a total of 83. Every colleged lawyer has a registered number. It is very easy to check in less than a minute if a Spanish lawyer is legitimate i.e. registered to practice Law in Spain (just follow this link).

Besides, registered lawyers have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

These fraudsters will contact you by a cold-call, e-mail or letter offering you either of the following 'services':

1.- As the only beneficiary of a Spanish inheritance from some distant (and unknown) relative in Spain that has passed away.

2.- Offering to recover resale time share deposits in ongoing court proceedings (Reclaim Certificates). They will offer you "group actions" against timeshare companies through cold-calls. Ask them how they obtained your contact details and the details of your timeshare investment. Remember that legitimate Spanish law firms never cold-call potential clients.

3.- Notifying you that you have won the Spanish Lottery (despite never having played it) as a promotion from the generous Lotto Administration.

4.- Contacting you regarding using your bank account, in exchange of a commission, for some million dollar bank transfer with origin in some dodgy place in Africa. This is known as the Nigerian Letters.

5.- Offer to assist in verification and payment of unclaimed funds of which you are the beneficiary.

6.- Acting as intermediaries in car sales at very reduced prices. They will request you deposit the funds in their lawyer's account.


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