Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership


Are you fed up with your partner? Did you know there is a special procedure in Spain to terminate property co-ownership which can save you up to 80% in taxes? Interested? Read on.


A deed of DJPO allows joint owners to re-arrange their share on any property in a tax-efficient manner as it enables the outgoing joint owner to transfer his share to an existing co-owner legally waiving the extreme 8% Property Transfer Tax and paying in lieu 1.5% Stamp Duty on the full property value. This results in tax savings of up to 86%.


This service is suitable:


  • In a divorce or separation.
  • Re-arranging inheritances.
  • Re-arranging property holdings between family and friends.


Our all-inclusive service offers:


  • Making preparations at the Notary.
  • Registering updated Title deeds.
  • Filing and paying associated taxes.
  • Discharging a mortgage on the outgoing joint owner (if applicable).


Legal fees: From €995 (plus VAT)


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