Rentals (contract drafting)


On renting out a property in Spain, it is advisable a lawyer is hired to protect your interests. Both landlords and tenants should have their own legal representation. A professionally-drafted Tenancy Agreement avoids many problems on the long run.


Lease agreements available from us:


  • Residential (long-term).
  • Holiday homes (short-term).
  • Seasonal lets (short or long-term).
  • Commercial leases.


What this service does NOT include:


  • English translation of Spanish rental contract (additional fees apply).
  • Furniture inventories or contract annexes (billed separately).
  • Additional, non-standard complex clauses (additional fees apply).
  • Legal advice on Spanish rental laws, regional holiday home regulations or tenant entitlements (legal advice billed separately).
  • Tax advice on landlord’s rental income or landlord tax relief (tax advice billed separately).
  • Fiscal representation.
  • Phone calls, meetings, extra expenses incurred as a result of the work undertaken.


Legal fees


  • Advising on a pre-existing lease agreement's wording and clauses: From €80 plus VAT.
  • Drafting standard* rental contract (in Spanish): From €165 plus VAT. **


*Contract annexes, inventories, special requirements are not included in our fees and will be billed separately.

**English version also available, additional fees apply.


We will be very pleased to discuss your matter with you. Please contact us for a free initial consultation. You can contact us by e-mail at, by telephone on 951 894 675 or by completing our contact form.


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