IBI Tax (Town Hall Rates)


This tax applies to both residents and non-residents. In some parts of Spain, it is known as SUMA. All property owners must pay this tax every year. We offer a one-off service, you only need to hire it once.


IBi tax is required to pay all property-related taxes, such as Non-Resident Imputed Income Tax (once a year) and Non-Resident Income Tax (quarterly tax on lease agreements, including holiday lettings). If you don't have IBI tax set up, you cannot file and pay these taxes. Non-payment of this tax can lead to your property being impounded and auctioned off.


IBI is a local tax levied by your town hall. Paid normally once a year. We offer a service to set up payment of this tax as a direct debit against your Spanish bank account. This requires a Power of Attorney.


Legal fee: From €200


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