You’re British? General Franco bans you from buying property here!

Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt, January, 21. 2021

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Lawyer - abogado
21st of January 2020

As If we didn’t already have enough on our plate with the ongoing pandemic, its mutant strains, siberian snowstorms, sub-zero temperatures, Brexit, flash floods, earthquakes (Granada), looming financial depression, historic levels of unemployment, squatters, unchecked illegal immigration, lockdowns, our beloved loony communist leaders, massive tax hike, foreign unhinged presidents inciting riots on established democracies, General Franco has now reared his head and joined the merry lot! Another wonderful addition to our band wagon of unending problems.

As it turns out, now that the UK has broken away from the Union, a pre-democratic law from 1975 enacted by General Franco (still in force!) bans nationals of third countries to acquire property within the proximity of Spanish military bases for security reasons (read cloak & dagger). You would’ve thought after all this time it would have crossed someone’s mind to revoke such a daft law; nope, not a chance.

In fact, a buyer needs to request special dispensation from top brass in the Spanish Army to allow them to buy property. Otherwise, notaries refuse to witness a sales deed! And get this, it takes on average 6 to 8 months to attain – under ‘normal’ conditions. But then - if anything - we are most certainly not living through normal times, which translates in practice into these timeframes being pushed back by a year, or more, because of red tape.

You think I’m joking? Nope, it’s a real problem now afflicting hundreds of expats in Valencia post-Brexit, for example, where over 80% of property is acquired by British nationals. But this problem is extensive to other regions in Spain, which property for sale is adjacent to military, or to areas of national strategic interest. You know how many military bases are dotted throughout Spain?

You really couldn’t make it up. I knew I should have bought a bunch of them bitcoins back in 2011, dang it!

You can read the full story in El Pais daily.

Spain is different.


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Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790). Founding Father of the United States. Exceptionally gifted statesman, scientist, inventor, diplomat, writer, printer, postmaster, and political theorist. He campaigned from early on for colonial unity, initially as an author and spokesman in London for several colonies. Appointed as the first United States ambassador to France, he exemplified the prowess of an emerging American nation. He was even a politician in his spare time; nobody’s perfect.


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